When life feels like a movie

Wednesday morning was quintessentially spring—the air was crisp, the sun was shining, and there was a light breeze. Driving to work, I was listening to Mozart’s Coronation Mass. The sublime Edda Moser was singing the “Agnus Dei,” which I know the definition of, thanks to Professor Greenberg of The Learning Company (also, if you want to hear an excerpt of the song, click here and scroll down to number 6). As I approached the ramp to the expressway, though, I noticed a police car, lights flashing, on the side of the road. A beat up green compact had been pulled over. The driver, a young man in a rumpled t-shirt, torn jeans and bare feet, stood between the vehicles. His hands were cuffed behind him and he had his head down.

I don’t quite know how to explain it, but the look on the young man’s face, coupled with the voice of Edda Moser—surreal is the only word that comes to mind.

From the driver’s seat

As I’ve mentioned before, I drive—a lot. Today was a gorgeous day to be driving, though. Blue sky, cotton-ball clouds, the air toasty warm, but not humid.

On the way to pick up my son from his afternoon job, and while basking in the sunlight streaming thru the windshield, I listened to the first CD of The Nanny Diaries audio book. I’m enjoying it. Why did it take me so long to finally get to it?

Other driving tidbits from the last week or so:

Saw two tough-looking bikers on a Gold Wing, a lavender teddy bear strapped on the back.

Listened to an orchestral piece on the radio by Delius, and the first movement’s melody reminded me of the tune, “Do you know the muffin man?”

Glanced over while stopped at a light and saw, in the car next to me, a man with a white cockatoo calmly perched on his shoulder.

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