Sugar Water by Cibo Matto

I recently came across this cool music video directed by Michel Gondry in 1996 (Gondry would later go on to direct one of my favorite films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). The song is Sugar Water by Cibo Matto. One blogger said about the video…
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Hearing Dir en grey: Part Two


As we sat in the car and watched the rain make rivers on the windshield, Ikuni and I discussed how best to get into the venue. Two or three places looked like entrances.

“Hey!” Ikuni said, “DEG fans.”

Three young adults walked confidently by us. Each was dressed in various shades of black and draped with various lengths of chains. One had “Dir en grey” written on the side of his pants.

“Let’s follow them,” I suggested.

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Hearing Dir en grey: Part One

Ikuni and I went last week to Cincinnati to hear Dir en grey in concert on Korn’s Family Values Tour. For those who may not know who they are I’ve written about them here, here, here and here (I know, I’m obsessed).

We stayed Monday night at my friend Julie’s house and had great conversations about linguistics, the blogsphere, and her oldest son attending college. I especially enjoyed talking with her youngest and admiring her artwork throughout the house. Cringed a bit when Ikuni and one of Julie’s kids had The Great Harry Potter Debate, but at least they worked through their differences without casting the Avada Kedavra curse on each other.

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Hot Topic on the other side of the city—I love you

Yes!! Yes, yes, yes!!!

Called another Hot Topic this morning and they had the Dir en grey CD (w/bonus DVD). So, I took my lunch early, flew there like a fan out of hell, swooped into the store as soon as they raised the security gate and now have Withering to Death safely under wing. Ikuni and I are ecstatic.

Heard that F.Y.E. is selling it for only $10 (wish I'd known that earlier). Also, Borders is carrying it, too. Let’s hear it for the bookstore with good taste in metal music!

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