Plus it was set in space

Just watched the movie, Gravity. Imagine if while Wally had dinner with Andre the electricity went out then the kitchen caught fire then a tornado blew through then they miraculously survived by deflecting debris with their forks and spoons. It was sort of like that…only without the compelling dialog.

I’ve been meaning to blog about Brokeback Mountain ever since I saw it a few weeks ago

But I’ve not found the time to gather my thoughts and write about it in the way it deserves.

Let me just say that for someone who is in the financial shape I’m in, I really could not afford the tickets (Ikuni and I saw it together), but I wanted to give my support to a movie that so bravely addresses such an important issue. And I was not disappointed. It was, in my opinion, a truly great film.

Writing about film

Had every intention of posting. I have the post already written in my head and was going to type it at lunch today, but we’re closing out our accounting month, so instead I’m swamped with invoices, spreadsheets, and tape totals.

While you’re waiting, though, check out Girish’s post describing how he writes about film.

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In a Netflix state of mind

We were Netflix members for a year or so when we closed our account to try and save money. At that time, we had over 200 films in our queue (and it still pains me to think that I forgot to copy the titles!), and a large percentage of them were not in English. A few of the foreign films I saw through Netflix that I enjoyed: Children of Heaven, Tampopo, Monsoon Wedding, Mostly Martha and Babette’s Feast.

I've been seriously thinking of rejoining, though, because Drummer, Ikuni and I are craving foreign films, and the video stores near us just don't carry much of a selection. Ikuni, especially, needs access to Japanese films, because they help her learn the language. And these would be first on my list: Masculin Feminin, Contempt, Pather Panchali, Talk to Her and Blue.

Drummer has kindly said he will pay for it, and I think I may take him up on his offer.

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