I found magic

Each month Kimberly of Petroville and Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil host the Perfect Post Awards, and I came across a post last month that I wanted to recognize.

DeeZee’s I Saw Magic beautifully captures a moment in time, transcending the ordinary and truly making it magical. I encourage you to read it.

Take it from Jane Austen

When I heard the Reading Lolita excerpt below, I thought, "Hey, that's one of the reasons I blog like I do." Azar Nafisi’s mentor tells her:

Take the example of one Jane Austen…You used to preach to us all that she ignored politics, not because she didn’t know any better but because she didn’t allow her work, her imagination, to be swallowed up by the society around her. At a time when the world was engulfed in the Napoleonic Wars, she created her own independent world…Remember all that talk of yours about how the first lesson in fighting tyranny is to do your own thing and satisfy your own conscience? You keep talking about democratic spaces, about the need for personal and creative spaces. Well, go and create them, woman!

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