You’ll never look at treadmills the same way

This made my Saturday morning. OK Go’s new music video Here It Goes Again.


5 thoughts on “You’ll never look at treadmills the same way

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  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Living in South Africa – where they think garlic, potatoes and beetroot will cure aids and internet is S-L-o-w!!!!! Also in my almost 5th decade : 47!!! with 4 children ! One at Oberlin and working to get others out too!!! You go girl!! Sorry, we’re a little behind – I also love art, and then classical music , history, literature, BEAUTY in all forms ( very subjective!) food , the rest you can guess!No blog; but will keep on reading yours!Susan ( Santjie – Dutch – my ancestors should have taken the boat to the States, but went to Africa!)


  2. Hi, susan! Sounds like we have a lot in common. :-)Also, I’ve been checking out OK Go more and I looove this video and song: A Million Ways


  3. That’s great. As soon as I finished watching, I turned and looked at the treadmill sitting behind me — a few more cobwebs and a lot less entertaining than the video!- Matt


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