Over the weekend

  • Ikuni, Drummer and I saw a production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). We’d seen it on video years ago but had never seen it live. We chortled and snickered with the rest of the audience, well, except for a few who sat stone-faced throughout the first half and promptly left during intermission. We figured they either didn’t know what they were in for and were offended by all the crudity (which, personally, we thought would’ve tickled our beloved, dirty-minded Bard) or maybe they’d recently had abdominal surgery and couldn’t laugh without pain. Too bad, though, because they missed one of my favorite parts, where all the historical plays are performed as a football game.

  • While driving Saturday morning and entering an on-ramp, I spotted a pigeon toddling into the lane. My car moved toward him and he made a funny 180 degree turn that would have made Charlie Chaplan proud.
  • Later, Ikuni and I went shopping for something for me to wear to the DIR EN GREY CONCERT in September!! As many of you know, we missed seeing them when they played their showcase concerts in March. When we heard they were joining Korn for the Family Values Tour, we snatched up two tickets using some of my tax refund (at least the IRS is good for something).
  • Sunday afternoon, Ikuni and I watched Drummer perform a historical interpretation at the museum where he works. I know I’m his mom, but he really is good. The crowd there seemed to think so, too.
  • Ikuni looked smashing in the outfit she’d put together–a double-layered, lace-trimmed, black cotton skirt, leggings with faint skull and crossbones on them, an extra long tank with a rock ‘n’ roll version of said insignia (frets in the place of the bones), a stylish belt, and a fantastic army green jacket with pink stitching. When I asked her how she came up with it she said, “Fashion is what happens in between wash loads.”
  • Speaking of laundry, back at home I walked into Gamer’s room and asked if he had any whites that needed washing. As I left his room and was closing the door it hit me that he was listening to music. He never listens to music. Never. Countless are the times he’s scratched his head and scoffed at the rest of us and our silly musical interests. But, hark, doth not the appetite alter? Because there he was blasting…Sweet Home Alabama!
  • Taking the wash load to the basement, Ikuni followed me and we continued the marathon conversation we’d been having in and around everything else we’d been doing that weekend. We talked about whether or not sexual orientation is fixed or fluid, how we interpreted the data from different scientific studies, and why we believe certain early intervention methods are harmful (75% of effeminate boys grow up to be gay and there are programs out there that try and circumvent that). Off and on, we must have talked for over ten hours.
  • Sunday night saw a typical moment in our house: Ikuni and I were at the computer exploring a cool website (IDEA, the International Dialects of English Archive), Drummer was downstairs playing the bass, Gamer was in the living room watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Wordsmith, who has successfully attended college, ran in and asked, “How do you spell excited?!”

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  1. I love this post — and I’m amazed at how much you can get crammed into such a short time period. With all of the limits on my free time, I’m doing well when I can get 50 pages of a book read and a load of laundry done within a two-day period.


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