Live blogging i.e. The MUUUUUUSIC DEPARTMENT

This is the eve of Dir en grey’s American release of their CD, Withering to Death. A little after 8:00 PM I start calling stores, to see where Ikuni and I will pick up our copy tomorrow (not that we have the money to pick up a copy, but a little thing like that’s not stopping us).

First I call a local music store known for it’s eclectic tastes and promotion of indie bands. What?! Incredibly, they won’t be carrying the CD. So, on to Best Buy. “Well,” the woman on the other end of the line says, “looks like we were supposed to carry it, but now it’s been deleted from our database.” Okay, how about Hot Topic. They’re carrying Diru t-shirts already. Surely, they’ll have the CD. “Um, no,” the young man says. “Sorry.”

Now what? I remember that I read somewhere that Walmart would have the CD. I give it a shot.

“Electronics,” an older gentleman answers.

“I need to speak to someone in the music department. Can you help me?”

“The what?” he says.

“The MUsic department.”

“Speak up,” he says in a loud voice, “I can’t understand a thing you’re saying.”

I bellow like a sick cow, “The MUUUUUUSIC DEPARTMENT.”

“Oh, sure, I can help,” he says, “Whatcha need?”

I ask him if they’ll be carrying Withering to Death tomorrow (please, God, don’t make me have to repeat “Dir en grey” over and over). He tells me to wait a minute. When he gets back on the line he says he thinks they’ll have it because it’s in their system but he’s not sure because the CD’s are in the back in boxes. But, if they have it, they will be stocking it at midnight.

When I relay this info to Ikuni both our eyes light up at the same time with the same thought. We know what we have to do. We will be at Walmart precisely at midnight.

This will be way past my bedtime, though. So, what to do to pass the time? I’m going to blog up until we go and then let you know if we get the CD or not. Stay tuned.


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