There and back

Driving to pick up Ikuni:

  • Followed a manic little bird as I ascended the curvy ramp to the expressway. Flapping wildly, he maintained the lead most of the way.
  • Rediscovered how much I love driving on a straight stretch of road with no other vehicles in my path–listening to a rock song, speeding past trees, feeling like Iā€™m flying.
  • At one point, the setting sun behind me was brilliantly reflected in both the inside and outside rearview mirrors. For a few seconds there were two suns in the sky.

Driving home with Ikuni:

  • Talked about Ewan McGregor and his performance in Velvet Goldmine , the film we watched together last night.
  • Ikuni said one of the reasons he was such a good actor was because he understood that each character has his own, unique physicality and center of gravity.
  • I asked her what she meant by “center of gravity.”
  • She described how he sat or stood in different films. In Velvet Goldmine, for instance, his center of gravity was in his lower abdomen. In Moulin Rouge it was high, around his shoulders and head. In Star Wars (and his performance is one of the only reasons we watch Episodes I-III) it was solidly in his chest. And each of these choices perfectly complimented the personalities of the characters.
  • This instantly made sense to me, and I marveled again at the person beside me who is my daughter.

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  1. What insight your daughter has. Many years ago I read that men and women carry this “center of gravity”, called the Chi, in different places of the body: men most generally carry it in their shoulders and chest, and women carry it in their hips. When I portray Mozart in historic portrayals, I always remember this.Smart young lady, your daughter!


  2. Very nice–I wrote an essay once about driving (flying) down the highway late at night. I’ll try and find it and send you the excerpt which is similar to yours. Ikuni should try the Alexander technique–it’s all about being aware of your body–great for actors. And good to see you are back on all channels!


  3. Oh, and had you seen Velvet Goldmine before? It’s one of my favorites. I have the soundtrack–has Ewan, Jonathan Rhys-Myers and Christian Bale for eye candy, Toni Collette and Eddie Izard for fun and is completely David Bowie’s life. It’s like a Bishounen lover’s dream movie.


  4. Ikuni is one smart cookie. I am amazed at how deep her knowledge is of anything that interests her. :)So glad you’re baaaaaaaack!


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