Last Sunday, if you looked up the definition of grouse it would have had my name there

Not beside the word meaning various plump, chickenlike game birds. But beside the one meaning a certain thin, bitchylike woman who had insomnia the night before, a “to do” list as long as the Yongle Dadian and, even worse, had forgotten to change her estrogen patch.

My sleepy, hormone deprived self plowed through the day, grumbling at every opportunity (Ikuni will testify to this) then at fifteen minutes till midnight, I gave up crossing everything off my list and fell into a disagreeable sleep.

Things did not look better in the morning. Running late for work, I cursed every car that dared go under the speed limit and cursed myself for oversleeping in the first place.

Right before exiting the expressway, though, I saw something in the distance. A flock of Canadian Geese was flying in v-formation and coming straight at me. I watched as we sped toward each other and, as they soared directly overhead, I smiled.

That one smile instantly broke my irritable mood. I actually felt my emotions change because of it. Well, it was either the smile or the estrogen patch I’d applied that morning had kicked in.

Thumbnail image by Greg Tee (cc cropped, modified)


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