Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some days you hear a voice

Taking you to another place

Arrived in St. Louis and drove to the Sheraton Hotel (our treat to ourselves), which was just one block from the concert arena. In the lobby, a gentleman asked me if we were going to the concert. I said yes. Ever protective son, Wordsmith, pulled me aside and reminded me of the dangers of talking to strange men.

Walked to the arena with a mass of other excited fans, made our way through security, and found our seats. Triple-checked tickets, because our seats weren’t in the upper tier like we thought but only ten rows up from the stage. Woo-hoo!

Waiting for the concert to start, Ikuni and I did some “Bishonen fishing.” She found three. I found two. Violinists entered the stage and then a short guy in a cowboy hat. It took the crowd a second to realize it was Bono (!) introducing the opening act, rapper Kanye West. Ikuni was thrilled. She was just saying the other day how much she liked Kanye (last Saturday she dragged me into the living room to watch the Gold Digger video).

U2 came out and the roar from the audience was deafening. Kept my promise to Gamer, called him on the cell phone and screamed into it (he told me last night that the music/crowd were so loud he held the phone at arms length).

Bono’s voice was great. Edge was fantastic, as were Adam and Larry (well, except that one time during the song, Instant Karma, when Larry missed the beat, threw everyone off and they all laughed).

The crowd was really into it where we were. Dancing, clapping, singing along. Every once and a while, though, I tested my theory and noted that the people in the upper sections weren’t physically responding much at all.

Ikuni wept during Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, and we hugged for a while. Looked over and saw Drummer tapping the beat on the yellow pole beside him. I think he watched Larry most of the time. He said later that Larry went to do a trick, threw a drumstick in the air but missed it on the way down. It landed on his bass drum. He quickly grabbed it and kept right on going.

Ikuni and I squealed when Bono gave Adam a big kiss. We agreed afterwards that, even though when Bono danced with a woman from the audience it could be defined as “fan service,” we got the bigger kick out of the kiss. Maybe it was because the woman was a stranger. Fans feel they “know” Adam, and he has a real relationship with the band. Maybe (for us, at least) that heightened the whole substitution thing.

Bono said: “We shouldn’t become a monster to stop a monster.”

Loved every song, but the ones I enjoyed most were Elevation, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Beautiful Day, Bullet the Blue Sky, Where the Streets Have No Name, Until the End of the World, Mysterious Ways.

During the encore, saw a young woman wearing a Santa hat. She held a sign that read: “Bono, I have mistletoe,” and a guy dangled a sprig above her head.

The concert seemed over way too soon, even though it was after midnight when we got back to our room. The kids and I talked and talked and talked about the concert–reliving our favorite moments.

It was a beautiful day.


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