Christina, Cezanne and Harry Potter

Friday evening, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Nevermind, guitar in hand, his amp on the porch.

I asked, “Um, did Drummer know you were coming?”

He looked puzzled. “I thought so.”

I invited him in, quickly called Drummer, who was hanging out at his dad’s Tae Kwon Do school with Gamer, and said I was coming to get him (seems there had been a miscommunication about getting together; Drummer thinking one thing, Nevermind another).

On the ride home, Gamer (who came with us) said we had to invent a super hero name and power. My name: Lady Marble-ade. My power: I turn people into statues that look like Christina Aguilera. I know, I know.

Later that evening, I looked up paintings by Cezanne on the Internet. I fell in love with In the Woods and became enthralled with his road paintings, like: Winding Road in Provence, Tree Lined Lane at Chantilly and, my favorite, Bend in the Forest Road.

Saturday afternoon, Ikuni and I sat in the car outside Drummer’s work. We were going to pick him up and then go see the new Harry Potter film. While waiting, we listened to a political CD Ikuni recently burned.

John Lennon’s “Imagine” played as a father and son walked down the sidewalk. The teenage boy wore baggy gray pants, a brown fedora hat, and his hair was dyed green. They climbed into a van with about fifty bumper stickers on it. The only one I read, though, as they zoomed by said: “Love Your Mother.”

Sitting in the theatre a bit later, and waiting for the movie to start, we learned that Spongebob Squarepants was born July 14, 1986, and that Mel Brooks said he moved the filming of The Producers from Toronto to New York City because Toronto’s bagels were too mushy.

We enjoyed the movie. Afterwards, though, the kids told me I must read Order of the Phoenix before the next film comes out. It’s 870 pages. I have such little time to read, but if I can somehow manage a couple of pages each day, I’ll be finished February 6, 2007.


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