The hunt is on

While browsing the bookstore the other night, I began my annual search for The Perfect Calendar.

For 2005, the perfect calendar was The Art of the Bistro by Jennifer Garant.

The first 2006 calendar that caught my eye had black and white photographs of Paris. I’m becoming fascinated with all things Parisian, partly due to my recent mini French New Wave film festival. I liked the calendar but it didn’t say, “I’m the one,” so I kept looking.

I was next attracted to one with paintings by Chagall. I studied it for a minute or two. It was not quite right, though. A bit too dark for how I’m feeling these days.

Two that made me laugh out loud were Anne Taintor’s “She liked her men like her wines…robust, with a long finish,” and one called, Nuns Having Fun. Hilarious, but I’ll keep searching.


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