A morning’s worth of conversations

Ikuni says I simply must see the view from her bedroom. A thick fog shrouds the street that’s perpendicular to her window. Through the haze, we see the outlines of houses, the pale morning sun and one sidewalk lamp burning.

Me: It looks like a foggy London street.

Ikuni: It looks like a vampire flick.

Me: Funny, how we see it so differently.

Ikuni: Actually, no, ‘cause it looks like an English vampire flick.

At a McDonald’s drive-through, I take Drummer and Ikuni’s order. While reciting it, I remember the four sausage biscuits, two egg McMuffins, one hash brown, and the orange juice, but Ikuni has to remind me of the chocolate milk.

Drummer: Almost got it.

Me: Meaning I almost remembered everything or that I almost pronounced everything right? (Drummer and Ikuni both have this thing about proper enunciation)

Drummer: Almost remembered.

Ikuni: Besides, bad diction is excusable in the morning.

Drummer: “Samwidge” is never excusable.

Ikuni is studying the driver’s manual for her permit and says she’s having trouble retaining the information because it’s so badly written.

Ikuni: It’s like a textbook.

Me: Where lots of facts are thrown at you with no real context?

Ikuni: Right. It doesn’t make sense. There’s no reason for anything. No story. You read it and it’s like whee-ba-ba-wa-ba.

Me (laughing): Whee-ba-what-what?

Ikuni (giggling): Whee-ba-ba-wa-ba. It’s from this sucky show called Static Shock.

Me: I’ll have to remember to say whee-ba-ba-wa-ba next time something doesn’t make sense to me!

* * * * *


Ikuni was watching while I typed the above, and she said she couldn’t remember if it was whee-ba-ba-wa-ba or whee-ba-ba-wa-wa. I told her that I thought she said whee-ba-ba-wa-ba, so that’s the one I went with.


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