Two and a half days

Or in other words, I discovered my alter ego is named Ludwig.

Friday evening

  • After work, picked up Gamer from his dad’s Tae Kwon Do school
  • He asked if we could stop at the game store, so he could spend the money his grandparents gave him for recently achieving his black belt
  • Told him sure but then turned the wrong way and neither of us realized it for about ten minutes
  • Turned around and drove to the game store
  • Gamer purchased a couple of used-but-in-good-shape video games
  • Halfway home he realized he’d forgotten his x-box at the Tae Kwon Do school
  • Drove back to get it
  • On the way, listened to songs from Flood by They Might Be Giants (the one CD Gamer likes at the moment–unlike the rest of us, he’s not a big music fan)
  • Arrived home
  • Gamer opened one of the games and found that the clerk forgot to insert the game
  • Back to the store we went
  • Disk in hand, drove home once again (have I mentioned it was raining?)
  • Gamer said, “It’s cool how the windshield wipers are moving to the beat of the music” (ah–he is my son)
  • Slowing for a red light, the driver of the truck in front of us suddenly slammed on his brakes
  • I hit my brakes a little too hard and hydroplaned into his back bumper
  • Moved to the side of the road
  • We were relieved to see no damage was done to either vehicle, so we didn’t report it
  • Finally, pulled into the driveway for the last time that day and Gamer said, “And to think, I just wanted to buy a video game” (also, have I mentioned that Gamer’s hair is sheared on the sides with a three inch Mohawk on top?)


  • Chauffered teens to various places
  • Watched Godard’s film, Masculin feminin, and then all the special features
  • Talked with Ikuni about movies and music
  • Wanted to go to the library to pick up Lolita by Nabokov but didn’t make it (note to self: if library system doesn’t have the Knopf edition, with the introduction by Martin Amis, will do an interlibrary loan for it)
  • Discovered my alter ego is named Ludwig


  • Went grocery shopping
  • Cleaned out the car
  • Watched first DVD in anime series, New Fist of the North Star, with Ikuni
  • Read online article about Masculin feminin
  • Washed dishes, while listening to a Thelonious Monk CD
  • Stopped washing for a few minutes and sat on the couch to hear Julie London sing “Around Midnight” (that song deserves one’s full attention)
  • Put Stouffers family-size five cheese lasagna in the oven
  • Our stereo holds six CD’s, so though I hadn’t put it in, Nirvana’s Nevermind played next
  • Was glad because I hadn’t heard it in a while
  • Started a laundry load
  • Ikuni joined me in the basement to chat
  • Told her that one of the conversation topics at work last week was the “model walk” (placing each foot directly in front of the other like on a tightrope)
  • To the chugging of the washing machine, Ikuni and I laughingly took a few turns on our concrete runway
  • We then got our L’Arc~en~Ciel fix and watched some songs on their concert DVD
  • Ate lasagna
  • Put laundry in the dryer
  • Did bills while watching Inside Actors Studio
  • Played x-box game with Gamer called Road Rage, where you try and hit pretty much everything in sight (seems I’m a natural)

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