“Each day is a little life.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

UPDATE: My friend and boss, Julie Bogart, encourages parents to have “Big, Juicy Conversations” with their kids. This day, back in October of 2005, illustrates that idea.

Tuesday, October 18

  • Wake, blog, email, throw a load of whites in the dryer.
  • Drive to work where I type invoices, answer emails, and stand at the fax machine a lot.
  • At 5:15 pm, pick up Ikuni and take her to her friend, Miki’s, house to spend the night (no school Wednesday).
  • On the way, have a fabulous conversation with Ikuni about, among other things, a quote in a controversial but thought-provoking blog post I read recently: “Sometimes I think that Japanese hairdressers are generating more basic new forms than pop stars.”
  • Drive home on a tree-lined highway that heads straight into the setting sun. The sun’s rays are so brilliant they turn the asphalt golden, make the divider lines glow, and cause the vehicles in front of me to look like hazy black shapes, their roofs trimmed in blinding light.
  • Enjoy the ride, except for about 10 seconds when I almost get run off the road by a woman who doesn’t see me in the lane she wants to change into. I veer about two feet onto the shoulder and move my hand to honk when she finally swerves back into her lane.
  • Later, pick up Drummer from a special event he attended (one day he will get his driver’s license!).
  • Have another fabulous conversation while driving. This time about music, the differences between American and Japanese culture (still talking about the blog post above), and death, because I mention to Drummer that Ikuni wants to be buried in Japan.
  • Arrive home and order pizza (we get Domino’s three-for-five-dollars-each so often, I have their number on speed dial).
  • Check the mail and do a little happy skip back to the house because our first three Netflix movies arrived.
  • Wordsmith and Gamer fight over how many pizza pieces they should get.
  • Write an email, type this blog post then turn in for the night.

Each day is a little lifeImage by Jim Larrison (cc cropped, cutout, text added)


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