I’m ashamed to admit this but…

I had to take The Corrections back to the library before I’d finished it. There, I said it.

I renewed until I could renew no more and then when I saw my account had been charged $156.00 (!) for not returning it, I immediately dropped off the audio version with only 4 of the 19 CD’s to go.

And I was enjoying it, too. Although, The Corrections was unlike other audio books I’ve listened to, like A Year in Provence or Reading Lolita in Tehran, where as soon as I’d completed one CD I started the next. With The Corrections, I had to “work up” to the next one. Once I did, I was hooked. But, it seemed I needed breaks in between.

I blame it on the music. I go through these stages, where one passion takes sway over the others for a while. It might be poetry one minute, dance the next. At the moment, it’s music. At least when I’m in the car (I feel a movie binge coming on at home). Gackt, Hyde, Jessica Williams, Amy Correia, Beethoven. I can’t get enough.

I do hope to reserve another copy of The Corrections and finally finish it, but I’m making no promises.


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