Don’t laugh

But, I have this thing for color-coordination. For example, when I buy a gift, not only does the present have to be just right for whoever I’m buying for but then the wrapping paper (or gift bag) and the accompanying card (which also must fit the person) all have to match in color scheme. This can take a while. I’ve been known to stand at the card section for over thirty minutes, searching for The Perfect Card.

This obsession spills over into other areas, as well (which will explain why I have a picture of a box of Kleenex in this post). At work, I have tissues near my computer. I also always have some kind of artwork as a screen background. It’s vital that they “go together.” So, as I type today, when I glance to my left I see a Premium Graphics Lavender Fields box by Kleenex. When I look at my computer screen, I see Venice Palazza Da Mula by Monet.



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