Saw a surreal sight while driving: amidst rushing to rehearsal, and while on a road lined with large oak trees, one yellowed leaf floated in slow motion to the pavement in front of us.

  • Woke up feeling better but still had swollen glands and was more tired than usual.
  • Blogged for a bit.
  • While driving to work, jotted down a bumper sticker to add to my collection: “My piano can beat up your piano.”
  • Worked feverishly for 45 minutes (the 10th was our accounting department’s deadline for closing out July).
  • Went to pick up Ikuni from a friend’s.
  • Spotted another bumper sticker (unusual to note two in one day): “Truck drivers back up but they never back down.”
  • Pulled into driveway and realized we forgot to set the garbage out. With Ikuni’s help, ran both packed cans down to the street.
  • On the way to the drama school, listened to the German rock group, Rammstein, while Ikuni told me about a video she’s making to their song, “Sonne,“ using clips from the Japanese film, Moon Child.
  • Dropped off Ikuni, drove to work then typed and calculated and balanced for five and a half straight hours.
  • Took a phone call from my realtor who said someone wanted to show the house at 6:30 PM.
  • Thought of the cluttered condition of said house and had a panic attack.
  • Did slow breathing exercises while quickly calling the kids at home, so they could start shoveling.
  • Finally closed out the month at fifteen minutes to four.
  • After work, almost burned my hands on the scorching steering wheel and then cursed traffic most of the drive home.
  • Arrived at 5:30 PM and helped finish cleaning.
  • Realized a few thousand spiders had made their home around the front door (we always use the back entrance).
  • Stood on the porch in 90-degree heat, still in my work clothes, and vacuumed spider webs.
  • At 6:15, the house in reasonable order, every light turned on and Glade Vanilla Breeze scented oil dispensers plugged in, all four kids and I (my mom brought Ikuni home from rehearsal) piled into my Stratus and headed to McDonalds.
  • After ordering two number 9’s, one with a Mellow Yellow, one with a Dr. Pepper, a ten-piece chicken nuggets, a Rueben, a chicken club sandwich, a medium Sprite, a Power Aid and a water, Gamer and Wordsmith argued about whether or not they charge extra for barbeque sauce.
  • Took the food to my parents’ home to eat.
  • When we got there, discovered McDonalds forgot the Rueben. My mom graciously offered to drive back and get it.
  • While eating, watched CSI (the original show) and saw a guy fall out of a truck with a bloody stake in his head. Appetizing.
  • A little after eight, drove home then turned off lights, unplugged dispensers and opened the computer armoire, exposing a mass of books, papers and sticky notes.
  • Exhausted, attempted sleep around 9:30, but when Ikuni informed me she wasn’t sure if she had rehearsal today, I called my mom to let her know the plans might change (she’s taking Ikuni to rehearsal on Thursday and Friday this week—what would I do without her?).
  • Fell asleep around 10:00 and dreamt I was at a convention for witches in a world where the sky is below instead of above.

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