Weekend warrior

When leaving work Friday evening, a co-worker said, “Have a good weekend! Hope you get to relax some.”

*Please note: all activities performed below were done with no makeup on, wearing old sweats and a faded, way-to-big-for-me top—an outfit I’m sure the What Not To Wear hosts would burn at the stake.


  • Blog for a bit.
  • Drive no. 2 son to work then drop off no. 3 son at Tae Kwon Do class (on the way to the school, we talk about his blog idea—he wants to review X-Box and Game Boy games).
  • At home, straighten living room, because 15-yr-old daughter’s friend is coming over to pick her up and go see Ring 2.
  • Watch daughter leave with friend and realize that’s the first time my baby girl has rode off with someone outside the family and who’s only been driving for a year or so.
  • Work on business idea.
  • Daughter returns home safely and proceeds to dissect Ring 2's plot, character development, and the director’s choices.
  • Pick up no. 2 son from work.
  • Go with daughter to Hollywood Video, to take back overdue DVD (The Talented Mr. Ripley) and rent Ocean’s Twelve and Cats. While standing in line, I notice that in front of us, a man is wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, a pack of Marlboro’s in one pocket, a thick silver chain hanging out of the other. His son, who looks to be about four, is at the “3 DVD’s for $30” table and asks repeatedly, “Is this one scary?” Standing behind us is a stylish grandmother with her granddaughter, who is wearing a pink Abercrombie t-shirt and has fake diamond earrings in each little ear. When we get to the cash register, we discover that we only have the case for The Talented Mr. Ripley. The DVD is still at home.
  • Go grocery shopping. Leave with enough food to feed three third world countries and which will last my household about three and a half days.
  • Transport groceries home and unload them.
  • Hunt for The Talented Mr. Ripley DVD and take it back.
  • Fill car up with gas.
  • Come home and put two DiGiorno pizzas (they were on sale) in the oven.
  • Think about doing laundry but watch Cats with daughter instead.
  • Watch a siege on Lineage II online game (oldest son’s clan trying to take a castle) until 1:00 AM.
  • Fall into bed.


  • Answer a few emails.
  • Fix blueberry muffins and cheddar cheese scrambled eggs.
  • Drive no. 2 son to work, listening to The Killers' Hot Fuss CD on the way. I silently mouth the words, because no. 2 son hates it when anyone sings along.
  • On the drive home, listen to audio book, Reading Lolita in Tehran.
  • Walk in the door and am confronted by oldest son about whether or not the other kids can use his computer (we finally come to a huffy agreement).
  • Pre-order Phantom of the Opera DVD for daughter (figure this will save money in the long run, instead of renting it ten thousand times).
  • Blog for a while.
  • Pick up no. 2 son from work and no. 3 son from his dad’s.
  • At home, help no. 3 son set up his blog.
  • Take iced strawberry juice out to daughter, who’s cutting the front yard (bless her).
  • Forget to take drink to no. 3 son, while he's cutting the backyard (tell him I'm sorry and will try and remember next time).
  • Fix pork chops, Au Gratin potatoes and green beans.
  • Pay a few bills.
  • Call in refill for estrogen patch prescription.
  • Vacuum inside of car.
  • Think about doing laundry but watch Ocean’s Twelve instead.
  • Fall asleep during part of the movie.
  • Go to bed around 10:30 PM.
  • Can't sleep, now. Keep getting up to write sticky notes for things to do the next day.
  • See no. 2 son go by with load of towels to wash (I love my children).
  • Finally fall asleep sometime before midnight.

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