37 years to go

According to the When Will You Die? test on BlogThings, I will live to the age of 79 (barring any unforeseen annihilation by a super volcano or a simply getting hit by a truck). And, if I start flossing more regularly, I’ll hobble to age 82.

Other test results:

How normal: 45%
Inner European: French
Linguistic profile:
60% General American English
25% Yankee
10% Dixie,
5% Upper Midwestern
Japanese name: Hana Shimizu
Stripper name: Peaches
Work of art that describes me:

Want to share any of your results?

Farbstudie Quadrate by Kandinsky image from AllPosters.com


4 thoughts on “37 years to go

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  1. The thing has me pegged at 82, but I suspect its motives. Based on the efforts of rush hour motorists to run me and my purple bicycle off the road, I’ve got a number significantly closer to half that in my head.


  2. Hi, Carmi,I read your post “Road rage redux” on your blog and agree with you completely. Something needs to be done about aggressive drivers. Here’s hoping they leave you and your purple bike alone, so you can make it to 82!


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