You make time for the important stuff

In my other life—the “before-the-divorce-and-having-to-work-fulltime-outside-the-home” life—I watched loads of movies. My Netflix queue had over a hundred titles in it, and DVD’s flew back and forth with dizzying speed. Now, time is extra limited. It’s hard to find two whole hours to sit down and watch a film. Over the last few weeks, though, I have managed to watch the following:

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

The sequel to the first movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. I agree with what Roger Ebert says:

Standing back from "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason," I can see that the perfection of the first film has been replaced here by a series of comic episodes that could as easily be about anything else…Still, at the end of the day, I left hoping there will be a Bridget 3. Long may she squint and bravely smile and keep tugging her neckline up and believe in love.

Middle-aged woman rating (out of five stars): ***

50 First Dates

"50 First Dates" is a spin on the "Groundhog Day" notion of a day that keeps repeating itself. This time, though, the recycling takes place entirely inside the mind of Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore), who was in an accident that caused short-term memory loss. Every night while she sleeps, the slate of her memory is wiped clean, and when she wakes up in the morning, she remembers everything that happened up to the moment of the accident, but nothing that happened afterward…read the rest of Ebert’s review.

I enjoyed this movie. It was really funny, but also more thoughtful than I expected. I wish we could all see those we love with fresh eyes each morning.

Middle-aged woman rating (out of five stars): ***1/2


Director Mike Nichols is a genius. Though often painful to watch, I loved this film. Roger Ebert gave it four stars and so do I.

Middle-aged woman rating (out of five stars): ****


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