“I’m going to drive everyone slightly crazy”

article from The Guardian

What on earth is Radiohead's guitarist doing curating a classical music concert? Jonny Greenwood reveals all to Tom Service

Jonny Greenwood is contrite when I first meet him in the studio near Oxford where Radiohead first cut their teeth. "Sorry about my hand," he says. "It's not sweat, it's burn ointment." Radiohead are rehearsing again, working on new material, and Greenwood, their guitarist, is hard at work. Have the fingers on his right hand been burnt by trying to play too hard and too fast? "I only wish I could play faster," he says.

Greenwood, the youngest member of Radiohead, is a musical obsessive. This month, as well as working with the band, he has had time to develop the classical side of his musical enthusiasms. Over the past couple of years, Greenwood has been turning himself into a classical composer…read the rest of the article.


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