I finally found what I’m looking for

Make mental notes all week, reminding self to purchase U2 tickets on Saturday, March 19, at 10:00 AM sharp, when they go on sale to the general public for the concert we want to attend (kids and I have been saving up for this forever).

7:00 AM Saturday—wake up, get dressed, remember to post on blog, forget to eat breakfast.

9:00 AM—remember suddenly I’m supposed to drive one son to drama rehearsal and another to Tae Kwon Do class.

9:15 AM—rush out of house, pick up McDonald’s sausage and biscuits, drop off first son at drama school, dash into drug store to buy cough drops, drop off second son at Tae Kwon Do, realize I’m almost out of gas, drive to gas station.

10:45 AM—arrive home, make a few phone calls, surf online, eat lunch.

1:15 PM—heart stops when I realize U2 tickets went on sale that morning.

1 second later—panic.

2 seconds later—tear upstairs and ask 20-yr-old-concert-savvy-son-who-used-to-work-at-Kroger’s-and-is-therefore-familiar-with-ticketmaster what I should do.

1:30 PM—finally decide to run up to Kroger and try to purchase tickets since our computer locks up easily and if one times out on ticketmaster one loses tickets. 15-yr-old daughter asks to ride along.

1:35 PM—swing into Kroger parking lot, where everyone and her mother is shopping.

1:37 PM—finally find parking spot a block from entrance, rush inside and stand in line of people in no hurry to do anything.

1:45 PM—tell woman at counter I’d like to buy 4 tickets for U2 concert in December. Woman says, “December? Are you sure they’re on sale now?” I assure her they are. Woman slowly walks to computer. Woman slowly types on keyboard. Confused look slowly forms on woman’s face. Woman leaves screen to help another customer. I consider violent action.

1:55 PM—woman asks young man to help. Young man immediately pulls up info. Young man says, “Sorry, it’s sold out.” Young man adds, “You should have been here at 10:00. Bands like U2 sell out quick.”

2:00 PM—walk dejectedly out of store. 15-yr-old daughter asks if I’m okay. Then quips that at least this will make a good blog post. I consider violent action for a second time.

2:05 PM—arrive home, decide to try computer anyway. Click on different concert. No tickets. Click on another concert. No tickets. Decide to try one on a Wednesday night. Hallelujah! 4 tickets available. Run upstairs to see if oldest son can go on a weekday. Run back to see that I’ve taken too long and have lost tickets.

2:10 PM—say damn more times than Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady.

2:11 PM—call up same venue again and the tickets are still available. Type like mad. Hit submit. Confirmed. We are the proud owners of 4 U2 tickets.

2:15 PM—start writing blog post.


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