The only body of water I’ve been into this summer includes aggressive dancing swans

Though this blog has chronicled much of what I’ve been into over the past years, my interests have been sometimes intermingled with other things, such as circling pigeons, sneezing grocery baggers, and a “My piano can beat up your piano” bumper sticker. So, I thought it would be nice, at least every once and a while, to record what I’m into in one place.

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Plus it was set in space

Just watched the movie, Gravity. Imagine if while Wally had dinner with Andre the electricity went out then the kitchen caught fire then a tornado blew through then they miraculously survived by deflecting debris with their forks and spoons. It was sort of like that…only without the compelling dialog.


The sky was overcast this morning as I drove to work. A thick layer of gray clouds hovered overhead, making it seem more like eight at night instead of almost eight in the morning.

A shaft of light suddenly shone from behind, illuminating the backs of my hands on the wheel and the tail lights of the cars in front of me. It was like someone pointed a bright light down a dark hallway. I tried to find where the cloud break was, but I couldn’t see it in my mirrors.

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